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Beaking News!

Minting is now live for animalXXing the newest NFT collection from Fowl Punks creator Chad Beakman on


Welcome to Fowl Punks NFTs

Fowl Punks NFTs are 210 individually crafted and named 24x24 pixel PFP icons attached via IPFS hash to Unique Assets on the Ravencoin Blockchain. You can join the flock by bidding on Fowl Punks Series 5 "Conspiracy of Ravenites" soon!

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Fowl Punks is a non-generative NFT project.  Each bird is made from scratch by the artist and given a unique name such as FowlPunks#001_TronBlackbird.


Fowl Punks is the top volume Ravencoin NFT project on

To get your hands on one, visit the resale market! 

Ravencoin: A Superior NFT Platform

No smart contracts required and gas fees less than a penny make Ravencoin Fowl Punk's choice as an NFT platform.  Ravencoin's built in asset creation features, unique naming conventions, as well as IPFS integration make it ideal for NFTs. It also allows NFT artists to be more creative and push the boundaries of what NFTs can be.



SEEDMONEY ($SEED) is the official cryptocurrency token of Fowl Punks. There are 21M SEEDMONEY Tokens in circulation on the Ravencoin Blockchain.  It is supported by the Zelcore wallet and can be traded at

Meet the Artist

Fowl Punks is the birdbrain child of Ravencoin enthusiast Chad "Beakman" Noticing something missing in the Non-Fungible Token crazy, Chad sought to bring humor, community and fun as well as collectability and value to the NFT market with Fowl Punks.  Chad spends his time clicking pixels and thinking up new bird puns in the US with his ladybird and (soon to be) 4 hatchlings.

Donate to Fowl Punks

If you love bird puns as much as we do, please consider donating to the project in the form of Ravencoin by using the above address.

The Ravenland Audubon Society

The Ravenland Audubon Society are 210 individually designed 32X32 pixel NFTs presented in 384X384 resolution. Each is spotting an original Fowl Punk NFT in its binoculars.  Buy them at

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